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FCF, while beginning in 1886, contains and covers elements of history from the previous and future 20 years or so. It is important to remember that the world of FCF is not our historical world with monsters added in, but an alternate Earth, where history is only mostly the same. For example, it was not Napoleon’s failure to bring wine and cheese over wood and blankets that cost him the invasion of Russia…it was Baba Yaga’s involvement. Very few people in the world of FCF know this however, and so their common written history of that time remains the same as ours. Sure, there are tales from the soldiery that have been told and perhaps written down somewhere of the witch’s flights, fights, and unnatural weather magic. These are discounted by all but a few scholars, who are in turned laughed out of the world of academia.

In short, it’s my world of 1886 and if there are anachronisms, pointing them out and pouting just might get a communications satellite dropped on your head.

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